The Afrowood Film Village lies between the Atlantic Ocean and the Alape River in Nigeria. The Atlantic Ocean is a few kilometers away thus setting the pavilion for a good scenario of a lovely ocean view with the sheer pleasure of taking stroll along the beach

In the early morning, standing just by the Alape river bank, in the pearly light of dawn, one feels like this is the very first morning ever.  Canoes from the waterside village glide silently by. The fishermen cross the bar with their paddles swinging to the rhythm of their song.

We promise you many kilometres of lovely warm ocean all year round, a sky painted in subtle water colors or splashed in grandiose shades.

The sheer pleasure is just taking a stroll along the beach or rolling in the waves. The supreme leisure of lazing or practicing a sport.

Just a day in our village and you will never forget that you have been there.

The Afrowood charming hotel hidden in the luxuriant vegetation, A land where you are totally free..

ACFV is set within 15 hectares of unspoilt land amidst rare and luxuriant vegetation. Protected from the winds this region is a peaceful location, offering exclusivity and tranquility. Afrowood village has a huge amount to offer, including windsurfing, kayak, trip on transparent bottom-boat, water skiing, hunting, golf, etc..