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The Purpose of a
Business Park.

A business park is a site that is designed for economic activities in the field of trade, industry and various commercial activities. They are an agglomeration of companies in physical proximity

Having a business park in the farm settlements will offer many benefits to both citizens in the settlements and citizens living in other cities.

Group of business people discussing strategies at meeting


  1. Firstly rather than employees and visitors having to face crowds and congestion as they head to and from your business premises, the commercial park will offer excellent transport links and parking facilities as a result of expert design and implementation of the Jewel of Africa.
  2. Commercial parks will be open round the clock, offering flexibility for people.
  3. 24 hour security to keep staff and property safe. A luxury you may find in very few places.
  4. Commercial parks will offer the latest technologies and equipment’s, which will benefit local small and medium sized enterprises.
  5. Commercial will also provide a range of amenities such as restaurants, gyms, shops, nurseries and outdoor relaxation areas, creating alternative sources of revenue and more jobs for local citizens.
  6. Local authorities will find the project very beneficial as commercial parks will ensure intensive use of land, creating a strong business environment.
  7. Agglomeration leads to decreased costs for maintenance services, in addition to this local companies will benefit from increased exposure. This synergies can be based on activities such as sharing and exchanging of materials, professional knowledge and expertise.

Centre of Knowledge

Providing a platform where local and international firms can interact with a particular centre of knowledge creation for mutual benefit.