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ACFV should serve as an economic growth that would reduce acute poverty, hunger, diseases and opening vistas of opportunities for productive employment.


First innovative and productive high-tech regions and home of the largest technology corporations in Nigeria.

The Farm

The aim is to establish a network of viable, humane farm settlements dedicated to the production and sustainable models for farms.

You Should Know

We have summarized the basic information on projects, and services for this illage Development clearly structured on specific industry portals.


Field & Maintenance Services

Planning permission or developmental approval refers to the approval needed for construction or expansion (including significant renovation) in some jurisdictions. It is usually given in the form of a building permit (or construction permit).

Case Study

Management consulting is the practice of helping organizations to improve their performance, operating primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and the development of plans for improvement. Organizations may draw upon the services of management consultants for a number of reasons, including gaining external (and presumably objective) advice and access to the consultants’ specialized expertise. Consultants have specialised skills on tasks that would involve high internal coordination costs for clients, such as organization-wide changes or the implementation of information technology. In addition, because of economies of scale, their focus and experience in gathering information worldwide and across industries renders their information search less costly than for clients.