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Film & Video Production

Afrowood provides experienced personnel and intelligent solutions for feature films, TV Films, commercials, documentaries, corporate films, and music videos.


We Create Greate MovieS

Afrowood Multimedia City may serve as a standard of excellence for all other Film Villages in Africa. It is our abiding principle to accomplish and surpass this mission statement such that the village would become a multi-purpose centre for international and local productions.

It is in part of an institution where learning and training would take place, a centre where various seminars, workshops and conferences would hold in film making. Participants would be trained in making explosions, the technique of pyrotechnics, smoke, special effects and spectacular stunts.

Afrowood film village intends to take African films to the next level. It’s going to be equipped with state of the art technology for film making and entertainment.
We want to be in the forefront of providing and using solid and high class infrastructure for our films, music, television, and host of other allied products.

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Prestigious Achievement
Best Film Production Award
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Afrowood Multimedia endeavors to set a standard of excellence that surpasses all other film villages in Africa. Our unwavering commitment is to not only achieve but exceed this mission statement, transforming the village into a versatile center for both local and international productions.

This institution will serve as a platform for learning and training, hosting a wide array of seminars, workshops, and conferences focused on the art of filmmaking. Participants will undergo comprehensive training in various aspects such as creating realistic explosions, mastering pyrotechnics, generating smoke effects, and executing breathtaking stunts.

Afrowood film village aims to propel African films to new heights. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology for filmmaking and entertainment, we strive to be at the forefront of providing exceptional infrastructure for films, music, television, and other related products.

Afrowood Multimedia City

Holiday Resort Area for the Relaxation of Tourists

Sound Studios

a professional music and audio recording studio

Afrowood Multimedia City

Holiday Resort Area for the Relaxation of Tourists

Stimulating economy

ACFV is an arena where there will be synergy of efforts, a melting pot for collaborations of great ideas and for promotion and networking of talents, a pool between and among diverse Filmmakers of the world from Cairo to Cape Town, Dakar to Dar-e-Salam, Canada to Colombia, and Austria to Australia.

We see this project as a monumental one with the vast potentials of stimulating the growth of Nigerian economy.

Purveyors of glad tidings

As an indigene of Ilaje, Ondo State we see this project as a great contribution to the growth of the community, We see ourselves as purveyors of innovation, purveyors of wonders and entertainment and much more significantly purveyors of socio-political peace and economic stability of the Olokola and its environs. With this project, we can project into the future that the economic impact of investment highlighted will evidently transform the socio-political cum economic livelihood of the community. We passionately believe that we can make this geographically endowed zone a preferred business destination.

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    Afrowood cultural and Multimedia City

    An ultramodern Filmmaking and Entertainment Village with Infrastructure for Film, Music, Radio, Television and State of the Art Theatres.


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