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Empower Your Mind with Audio Delights


Unique audio content for your pleasure

Our expertise lies on creating high-caliber podcasts that efficiently convey your brand's message to your intended audience.


Our daily broadcast content includes entertainment and music shows, industry news, releases and charts

Stephen King

Executive Director

Film Production

We edit with the Social Media in mind, that is, your content will be tailored for your channel
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Video Production

We offer top notch professional services in digital video production and post production
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Drone Services

Buy and order drone services such as drone inspections, hire a professional drone pilot, order underwater inspections or thermal inspections.
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Best presenters

We have them, we train them, we've arrays of good and well talented presenters.
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New hits

Latest hits, New Hits and very enjoyable, all for your listening pleasure.
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Mixing & Mastering

We’ve delivered finished projects on all mediums to many countries around the world
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As a brand, why start a podcast?

In the present era of digital technology, audiences are consuming material through a wider range of mediums and platforms than ever before. In order to distinguish themselves in this saturated market, brands must discover distinctive and innovative methods to establish a connection with their intended customers. Podcasts offer a medium for marketers to craft captivating narratives that deeply connect with customers. An effectively produced podcast can enhance your brand by:

  • Build a strong reputation and position yourself as an expert in your field
  • Enhance the recognition and devotion towards a brand
  • Acquire fresh customers and clients
    Acquire potential customers and stimulate successful sales
  • Deliver valuable content to your intended audience

Independent aesthetics. Business Dependability.

Afrowood Media recognizes the significant impact of podcasts as a potent marketing tool that facilitates brands in establishing more profound connections with their audience. We are deeply committed to assisting brands of all scales in incorporating podcasts into their marketing strategy and crafting engaging narratives that captivate and establish a profound connection with their target audience.

Our company provides an extensive array of services for podcast creation, encompassing all stages from initial idea development to recording, editing, and finalizing the result. We employ a skilled staff of producers, videographers, and sound engineers who utilize cutting-edge technology and equipment to create podcasts of exceptional quality and professionalism.



A rare opportunity to join Afrowood inner circle!

Who we are


Afrowood a division of  QUANTUM VALLEY LTD, is a full-service international film production, distribution, and financing company with direct distribution of both Afrowood and Nollywood content around the world.
Providing complete end-to-end service for your Film & video needs. We do corporate, commercial, promotional, social media, event, coaching, and documentary videos as well as virtual and live-streaming events.
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What we offer

Video is the future of communication

Afrowood is a team of passionate creatives focused on producing high quality film content for businesses and brands.
With many years of practical experience , we have perfected our craft in providing a finished product that is future-proof and could withstand the years to come.


Video Ads

Affordable video ads & commercial video production services for corporates, brands & businesses from freelance video.


Video Production

We have experience in producing professional commercials, corporate videos, testimonials, music videos and more.

Drone & Aerial Photography

Licensed for Commercial Drone Flying to help you achieve your visual dreams; from Cinematic Videos to Aerial Photography.


Explainer Video

Creating a unique, custom explainer video production that helps you connect with your audiences.


Aerial Filming

Some things simply look more appealing from above. Therefore we offer a broad range of areal filming options

Animated Marketing Video

Use our creative animations to tell great stories about your business – get the attention your company deserves!

Why Choose us

We make your business look good.

Interactive Brand Identity

An interactive visual identity is a simple, professional and trendy way to brand and differentiate your business.

Clean Editing

We take on editing tasks such as Color Correction, VFX, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics and Images Retouching.

Affordable Price

Our prices are very avoidable, and moreover we are flexible

Film & TV production support

Our expertise lies in providing seamless shoots and broadcasts for filmmakers, production companies, and TV networks. By leveraging our language resources and extensive experience in every aspect of production, from pre-production to post-production, we ensure a hassle-free experience for our clients.

Afrowood cultural and Multimedia City

An ultramodern Filmmaking and Entertainment Village with Infrastructure for Film, Music, Radio, Television and State of the Art Theatres.


Denmark —
Snogegårdsvej 8d
2802 Gentofte, Copenhagen

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